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Group Founder: dr.zesh
Description: Latest medical news. Information about diseases
Group Type: Public join
Members: 20
Category: Business, Work, and School > Jobs

Topics (6)

go DIBETES MELITIS (4) dr.zesh
Excesive glucose in blood leads serious complications such as decreased vision.increased chance of heart attack,renal failure, impotence, poly neuropathy .foot gangrene and increared chances of infect...

go pcv 10 vaccine (3) amalam
Pcv vaccine is very important vaccine that prevent the pneumoccus infection. Mainly pneumonia. Menigitis.otitis media. Pnem02nia is major killer of children in developing countries.

go polio cases (0) amalam
Increasing the poliomyelitis cases day by day here in pakistan worsening the image of our country in there are only 3 countries where this disease is endemic beside nigrea and afghanstan. Pl...

go negleraisis (1) dr.zesh
Recently 11 cases in Sind reported. Be caution disease spread through freshwater in nose.

go crimen congo hemorhagic fever (0) dr.zesh
This fever with hadache.runny nose and haemorhagic phenomen i-e bleding under skin from nose, urine etc. Caused by virus. Yet no treatment and fatality lies in between 20 to 40%.a virus transmited by ...

go dengue fever (0) dr.zesh
An illness by virus of 3 serotype transmited by mosquito Aedes ejeptus .zebra type band on its legs and chest.usualy bite at morning and evening. Fever with eye pain , bleeding tendancy and shock are ...